What to expect from your first massage

When we first meet I will schedule extra time for your appointment so that we can spend some time looking at the reasons that has brought to for massage.

We will get an overview of your health history and I will get an insight to how I can best use my toolbox of massage skills to help you.

Together we will plan what areas you would like me to focus on. The first session is a good way for me to feel areas of muscular tension.

I will then leave the room for a few minutes while you get ready for your massage and settle yourself on the massage table.

You can choose to have music or not. If there is a particular piece of music that helps you relax you let me know and I can try and organise that. I tend to use unobtrusive relaxation music.

I will check in with you throughout the massage.

You can let me know at any time if you would like me to change anything. Too hot, pressure isn’t right, the music is not right, feeling uncomfortable, would like a tissue. Let me know and I can make it rfeel right for you.

During the massage I might encourage you to work with your breath to deepen the relaxation process.

This means different things to different people. Simply paying attention to how the breath is being experienced by you in the here and now can go along way in helping your body switch into the rest and digest mode.

Sometimes I might suggest a visualisation for you.
My massages are different everytime. I don’t use a formula I simply see how best I can help you in that session.

I use a mixture of modalities (types) of massage.

Relaxation massage

Deep tissue massage foussed on specific areas

Gentle rocking and pulsing

Helping to move your joints to explore your range of movement

Assisted stretching

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