About massage

Therapeutic Massage Let go of the old and Welcome the NEW

Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of tension and provides a therapeutic benefit. It does not just mean pressing more deeply into the muscles. To me it means working more specifically with the anatomy and structure of the body. Paying attention to the ways we are using our muscles and consequently giving them the attention they need to relax and come back to their natural state.

Focused massage is applied to deeper muscles and connective tissue to relieve chronic pain and tension. This is ideal for those who prefer deeper muscular work or who are challenged by high levels of daily stress, and is especially suitable for athletes.

60 mins – £35

Warmed oil head massage – 60 mins £35

A touch of Ayurveda

Benefits: General Relaxation, neck & shoulder tension and aids joint mobility.

Ayurvedic Head Massage

Ayurvedic Head Massage:  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine system that emphasizes treating the whole body as a system. Head massage is one of the most important techniques in ayurveda since it stimulates important nerve centers and relieves tension and stress throughout the body. Oil is applied to the scalp using gentle massage with wavy and circular motions. The temples, ears, forehead, eyebrows and neck are then massaged thoroughly and this is repeated several times. Also the shoulder and neck areas are massaged and acupressure is applied to the Marma Points

Coming soon

Rythym Mobility

Hot Stone Massage

Onsite Seated Accupressure

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