Your Therapist

Hi I am Jenny and I am a qualified massage therapist.

Jenny King

I work with people and help to relieve their pain. Together we try and figure out what might be creating the pain looking at life style and anatomy. Often at the root of the pain is stress and massage can help you relieve that tension and go on to move towards feeling better . I support people to increase their wellbeing through getting to know their own bodies better. Holistic massage takes a step back and looks at the person as a whole rather than only the specific health concern.

I have worked in all sorts of people focussed jobs, I ‘m the sort of person who really wants to know how are when I ask! I’m a stickler for good service and high standards. I like science and want to blend it with the art of massage. I like anatomy and research and am a firm believer that healing comes from within. I like to provide a safe space where we can look at how massage can help you.

Clients often book sessions when they have a developed a problem with their health and it is interfering with their quality of life. Often once massage has helped to relieve a health concern some clients choose to come in regularly as a way of keeping in tip top condition. I find our individual relationship between the body and the mind fascinating. Lots of evidence is emerging to show that long term stress is a leading cause of disease.

  • Back pain
  • Stress
  • The effects of sitting at a work station every day

I offer soothing massage to help you let you of tension the pain is causing; I have found that this is key to feeling better. I qualified with the Massage Training Institute and studied at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training. Massage and human anatomy is a study that doesn’t end. I enjoy reading and assimilating information into my own practice. Massage is not new, it is all been done before! Touch is instinctive and important and I love helping people feel more alive and less defined by their pain.

Having pain especially for a long time is miserable. It is understandable that we will search high and low for a solution. I have been there and through it, it led me to wanting to discover more about how my mind affects my body and go on to study massage and become a massage therapist.


Have you ever heard the story about the men in the dark and the elephant? Each of them felt a different part of the elephant and thought they could describe know what the whole elephant looked like.

Medical tests and examinations can leave a person feeling rather isolated with all the attention focussed on their ailment. Holistic massage certainly acknowledges the illness or issue but looks beyond it and sees you as a whole being.

Of course, these are just words that are trying to give a flavour of what I offer. You can experience a massage for yourself by contacting me by phone or email to arrange an appointment. I look forward to working with you.


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