The Massage Space has a new venue for September 2015

I specialise in therapeutic massage for women.

I have found a brilliant new treatment room in Newbold Village, it is within the Designer Nails salon. (48 Newbold Road).
Each Sunday I will recreate the essence of The Massage Space, the warmth and peaceful nature of the room will be there for you. Booking is essential.

From 12 noon onward,  I will be offering 4 treatment sessions.

 Prices will remain the same £30 for 60 min session and £45 for 90 minutes.

September 2015 - Self Care

The massage I offer is deeply relaxing and restorative. The sessions will leave you feeling peaceful and nurtured. We will also explore post treatment self-care options to help you maintain the post massage bliss!

Our bodies are doing things that we haven’t evolved to do. More and more we are spending our days sitting indoors, looking at a screen. We evolved to be hunter gatherers deeply connected to living with others and spending time out of doors.

When we are separated from our connection to others and the land we have evolved to roam this elicits a stress response within our bodies.

Our primitive brain registers this discomfort as a threat, so on a cellular level we feel that we are in a hostile environment and readies the chemicals that prepare ourselves for survival.

Touch is simple form of connection to others. It can soothe us, help us feel more connected and able to pause and reflect. This gives our body a chance to re-balance and come out of the fight or flight mode which leads us to being burnt out if we are experiencing chronic stress.

I hope to see you all again soon for some regular massage – Sunday afternoon style.

Massage can bring you effective relief from


Back Pain

Repetitive strain injuries

Frozen Shoulder



I am a professional massage therapist  in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

 Contact me to arrange a massage session to improve your health and wellbeing. 


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